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Established in May 2013, McGill GMCA strives to provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows coming from all backgrounds with the skills and training necessary to enter and excel in the competitive world of management consulting.

As a testament to our success, many of our members have been recruited by some of the world’s top firms! Moreover, our alumni continue to be active participants of the GMCA, this time contributing their advice and experience.

Together with the other Chapters of GMCA Canada, (University of Toronto, McMaster University, and University of York), McGill GMCA is committed to the general career development of its members and to helping other chapters establish themselves.


The McGill Chapter of GMCA offers our members many opportunities to learn about, get training in, and connect with experts within, the field of management consulting.

Company information

Provide our members with information, and opportunities to connect, with management consulting firms. Through our weekly newsletter, we inform our members of relevant management consulting events and opportunities.

Case Seminars and Workshops

Practical seminars/workshops that cover the application and integration of topics such as resume and cover letter design, interview practice, and case management.

Case competition

Case experience through an annual case competition and joint activities with industry firms for long-term pro-bono case work.

Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities between members and industry professionals.

Shared Knowledge

Networking opportunities between members and industry professionals.Knowledge exchange through the McGill Students GMCA Resource Database, containing firm literature, application information, case-preparation resources, and past member experience documentation. 


Jiayi Zhu


Xining Chen


Ashley Chin

Director of External Relations

Malvin Jefri

Director of Marketing

Zoe Schmilovich

Director of Communications

Prisca Bustamente Alvarez

Director of Operations

Carla Achcar

Director of Case Development

Emily Tang

Director of Finance

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